About Me

2My name is Felicia Hoffmann. I have graduated from The University of Krakow, faculty of International Economics and Entrepreneurship. I have specialized myself in Modern Economical Researches and Development. My most important investigations made by me are based on works of Kotler and Smith, who I consider to be a great studying materials. The university programme required to be an accurate and responseble person. The ability to work fast and under the pressure made me one of the top student of the class. All researches I made, needed a self motivation improvement, attention, leadership skills and certain computer knowldge. I am a free user of Microsoft Office Programmes, Adobe programmes, SPSS system, Graphics design programmes and Internet.
As a result of my four year study duty and researches, I was ready to print out my work about the influence of small business on european economics. My paper contains a good part of the results of researches I did.

Besides regular classes, I put the accent on foreign cultures and languages. This way I got some German, Russian and Spanish language skills. Voluntary activity is a part of my regular habits, as well. I am involved in charity organisations worldwide, who are responsible to help children from orpahnages. We are organising holidays, gift events and trips for kids.

My personal skills are based on communication, negotiation, friendship, ability to learn and to remember fast. I am not affraid of hard and routinous work, because in every task it is possible to find something nice.

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